29 December 2010

Alcohol and Pills

The dog was looking at me
When I woke up
This morning
Her paw

Strong as an arm wrestler's

Came up on the edge of the bed
As she watched my eyes
Imperceptibly open
To a world so fucked

It is perfect

My hand
My sawmill hand
Reached for her head
Petting it

Good dog

Beside us Sonja slept
Dreaming about Mexico
I got out of bed
Let the dog out

Made coffee and

Turned on WDVX-FM
Cadillac Sky singing
Say one thing and
You do another

Was a time the sawmill

Ran until midnight Christmas Eve
Ran everyday between
Christmas and New Year's Day
Now the sawmill shuts down

Lets the boys get out and get loaded

That is the way we like it
Alcohol and pills
It's a crying shame
Christmas is not every day

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