16 November 2010

Toothless and Loaded

Horse race dream last night
Bush track
Everybody toothless and loaded
Bad hats
Bad posture
Bad attitudes
Good cowboy boots
Pick up trucks
In the parking lot
A poorly printed copy of the
Daily Racing Form
Last race of the day
Cheap maiden claimer
The summer heat
The dusts of Hell
I bet the nine
Liked the look in his eye
It had only raced once before
Showing little
Bet him to place
Because of the favourite's good
Previous speed figures
The nine, the favourite and
One other horse broke cleanly
The rest in a blackberry tangle
The nine took the lead going into the turn
The favourite overtook him at the
Head of the stretch
The other horse was right there
The nine came again
Along the dirty white rail
The other horse
A longshot like the nine
Was up for second
Made $276 on that race
Woke up before I blew
It all in the motherfucking bar


uniplmr1 said...

I took care of a horse once. The motherfucker bit me.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I have never literally been bit by a horse. You might say I have been real lucky with horses. Except for when I bet on them when I am not dreaming.