3 November 2010

One More Shout Out

Another recent addition to the Fellow Motherfuckers sidebar is One Life. It is Heather Haley's blog. I just went back to her first entry, from three years back. Now I am hooked. I like her style.

Heather was in a Dope City band back in the days when I was puking and pissing all over the city even more than I am now. They were called the Zellots. Performed with other dope fiend celebrities as well. The Zellots can count themselves among the many bands I saw in the midst of many a black out. I do remember Heather's face however. Distinctive looking gal. What an old friend with a fetish for such things calls good bone structure.

We never did it or I would tell you all about it.

Heather is a published writer. She is not lucky like me and does not have a sawmill job to go to every motherfucking day to pay for her good and bad habits. Go fucking buy her books.

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