4 November 2010

November 5th Declared Provincial Holiday in British Columbia

In honour of Gordon Campbell's sweaty balls being retired over Bill van der Zalm's sparkling eyes and his grinning head being dumped on Chris Walter's littered porch, the Dope City Free Press is declaring Friday November 5th a provincial holiday. Only in British Columbia could two such incompatible faces of evil bring down such a powerful, deceitful man.

The party starts now!


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uniplmr1 said...

A good anarchist won't let.....wait....there are no good anarchists, if we become good, we pop. Rocker didn't say that. I have deduced it on my motherfucking own. We got big trouble down here, too. Fuck the government, no one for president. They're all sisters of a mutated race of murderous swine and they're armed to the fucking teeth.