3 November 2010

Six Records

On the weekend I shelled out for the Quine Tapes. Three double lps worth of the Velvet Underground recorded by the late Robert Quine. Three rock 'n' roll shows in the USA. I have it playing in the other room right now. Side two of the first lp. Maureen is singing.

I'm sticking with you, motherfuckers.

It sounds great. Mono. Lo-fi. Magic as a revolution. The only thing I was born too late for was the Velvet Underground.


uniplmr1 said...

The shit. They were the shit. I had a t-shirt once with an artist friend's depiction of John Cale and Nico. They wouldn't let me wear it to high school because Nico appeared to be in a state of bare breastedness. Then, they wouldn't let me go to school anymore anyway. What a motherfucking break that was, except the draftboard guys were after me. Hooray for me and fuck them. Fuck all of them with a porcupine. "Hey white boy, whachuu doin' uptown" I'm gonna go get the record and put it on. I'm glad you thought of it, motherfucker.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I do not listen to the Velvet Underground as often as I should. When I do they make feel teenage. Don't mind that a bit.

I have listened to three sides of the Quine Tapes so far. The price was worth side three alone - a more ripping than ever version of Sister Ray.

I got two Gordon Campbells sucking on my ding-dong!

uniplmr1 said...

Let them finish, then choke the life out of them is my recomendation. You might have to go to prison, but everyone will honor and glorify you for your courage and clear thinking, after you've been dead for 300 years.