14 November 2010

Dreaming of Glen Campbell

When I woke up this morning

I was dreaming of Glen Campbell
His hair sure did look good
He had the face of Neil Young

I hoped I was dreaming of
Anne Murray as well
Was I only dreaming of Glen Campbell?

I pulled my Glen Campbell albums
From out of my collection
I have never listened to them

He signed them one by one
Anne Murray was not around
Maybe she was out getting her hair done


istvan said...

I hope you did't wake up with a 'woody'.Glen Campbel was one of the best 12 sting players ever.Gordon Lightfoot said that he never got involved with dope or groupies becouse he was always backstage tuning.Cheers,S.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

My family never missed a Glen Campbell show back when he was on tv. I hope that is why he showed up in my dream. Tv really fucks your head up.

uniplmr1 said...

Glen could play but he didn't exhibit his skills appropriately for my sensibilities. I heard him play the Blues on some variety show one night. He was really good. But fuck him and television too.