14 November 2010

Christian Temperance Bull Shit

Sonja and I went to the pub for lunch. It was emptier than the last meeting of the Gordon Campbell Supporters Club. We usually have to sit at a table for two, if we can find one at lunch time. Today we sat at a big table that would have been filled with eight people before the Liberals fucked with the drunk driving laws.

The pressure that the pub owning historical supporters of the Liberal Party must be putting on their MLAs must be as heavy as the pressure the Sakatchewan Roughriders have on them not to lose at home to the Lions on Sunday. The business class in this province is so used to seeing everything go their way they do not know another way. In this instance, I hope they get their way. After two beer I am brushing up against the blood alcohol level needed for the cops to apply the new heavier punishments the Liberals brought in. I cannot even feel two beer.

As a result people are staying home, having a few joints with their beer and maybe even a cigarette. "Fuck the pub!" is what they are saying.

Fuck MADD and their motherfucking Christian Temperance bullshit is what I am saying. The cunts cannot get any traction on the abortion front so they are bullying their way where they think they can get their way. Fuck them. This Canada, not fucking Saudi Arabia.


mollymew said...

I hope Sonya never has to wear a burka.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

That is hardly likely. Once in a while she does like to put on a beerka however.