7 March 2010

There It Was, Gone

I can still see it
The tight community
By the river

I walked my dog
By the nearby stream
And remembered
What used to be

The men worked
The women hung
Laundry on the line
I played in the park



Jon said...

Tell you the truth, I hated the old days but I hate the modern world even more. I don't think I'm just an old guy who resents time passing him by. When I was a kid there were a lot of old timers around who thought that the modern world was great. Not many feel that way now.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

These days a lot of us old guys get a kick out of new technologies. Hell, I would have never left the house when I was a kid if there was a 50" 500 watt 5.1colour tv in the front room; a computer full of content that would make an old Swedish magazine editor blush in the corner; and a phone half the size of my palm that does everything the big tv and the computer can do in my pocket.

On the other hand, Toyotas, if prone to rusting at the time, did not have braking problems then, best as I can recall.

Canadians, by and large, are still hanging on to the notion of modern world greatness. It was not that long ago we were mostly in the woods, on the sea and on the farm. A shiny Toyota with faulty brakes would have looked pretty good to those good old boys and girls.