17 February 2010

The French People of Canada

I was taught in school
To love the French
People of Canada.

So I did.

My dad knew
I was being taught
To love the French
People of Canada

So he tried to balance
What the State
Was teaching me
With his own teaching.

"Steer clear of the water
When you fight the
Amphibian motherfuckers."


RossK said...

....And never, ever where one of those boxtops that Mr. Boudrias wore on his head if you get into a scrap with a gang of hooligans from Esquimalt on Memorial Arena ice under the half-light at 4 O'Clock in the morning on a Tuesday.

(in 1974)



ib said...

If nobody was there to salt the shit spoon fed by the State we would all be politicians.