18 February 2010

Ethnically Diverse Canada

Lost amid the French cries of there not being enough French spoken at the Olympic Winter Game's Opening Ceremony were the cries of Ethnically Diverse Canada for more ethnic diversity. Waaa!

The Ethnically Diverse, who lately have begun supporting conservative electoral machines, like the Conservative Party of Canada and the Liberal Party of British Columbia, do not seem to appreciate just how fucking white as Stompin' Tom Connor's ass these parties are at heart. The Ethnically Diverse confuse being pandered to with ethnic inclusivity. In a word, they are suckers of the worst kind.

Maybe next Olympics Ethnically Diverse Canada can get gay bhangra dancing and a Chinese Restaurant Pavilion if they play their cards right. Until then, gay Scottish fiddlers and barefoot lesbian interpreters of Leonard Cohen from Motherfucking, Alberta is about as diverse as Canada is willing to express itself as.

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