14 November 2009

Couple Beer, Couple Pills and the Drive By Truckers

I hope next year to hear some Drive By Truckers when I go to the roller derby. That would be this roller derby fan's 2010 dream come true. Picked up the DBT's double album of out-takes a couple weeks back. It is a rough around the edges affair. Just the sort of music that keeps this old pair of work boots rocking.

I was needing some new music to hear yesterday so when I was done with the pub I went to the new Best Buy store in town. A pretty young thing from fucking India gave me a flyer telling me Best Buy's cds were all 25% off. Alright. Too bad they had the shittiest selection of music I have ever seen in my life. Greatest hits collections I am none too keen on and that was fucking near all they had for sale. And just like Michael Jackson's Blacula family, Best Buy is trying cash in on the Moonwalking Motherfucker's death.

I did not buy anything at the Best Buy. They can take all their Greatest Hits collections and jam them where the northern lights do not shine. I went to the HMV. Found the Drive By Truckers' Austin City Limits cd/dvd package. Watching the rock show with a couple beer and a couple pills made feel pretty good, made me feel like singing. If I had a drum set I would have smashed the kit to smithereens.

I used to download music, I would not have a copy of Screaming White Jefferson's "Gin Pig" without doing so. There is something devilishly satisfying about stealing music on the internet. Resist the Devil. Get a fucking job and buy some music for fuck's sake.

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