15 November 2009

Over the Edge

As I walked through the tall glass doors
It hit me like hockey sticks,
Like two high sticks catching me
On either side of the head at the same time.

Motherfucking Christmas music.

Even Anne Murray cannot make me like it.

I bet it was Christmas music that pushed
The Fort Hood Killer over the Edge.

Baby Jesus
Peace on Earth
No room at the inn
Snowman smoking dope
Golden rings
Silent night
Puking all the way
Deer with names
Santa's nose
Big bright star
Chop off a turkey's head
Lots of cheer
I'm dreaming of a White Christmas Massacre


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

If you just sang along to the last line in that poem, as I did, you have to admit, I nailed these 25 lines to the floor.

squish said...

wow... that was somethin like my pa used to sing me back in the good ol' "live tree" christmases...

Jon said...

I tried it that way. To the fuckin' floor bro'.