14 November 2009

Kilkenny Afternoon

I took a seat and waited for a waitress to ask,
"What'll it be?"

It would be a pint of Kilkenny.

I watched the waitress walk back to the bar.


I waited for my beer to arrive.

As I waited I looked around the house.

There were a lot of women having
Drinks with their women friends.

Equally nice.

There were more women in the house than men.

I guess most of the men were at home watching Ellen.

If the tv networks are going to put good looking,
Funny lesbians on tv when guys get home from work
You cannot blame them for tuning in.

My beer came.

I took a taste.

It tasted like Newfoundland.

The beer swirled down my throat
Like a December wind stirring the Quidi Vidi gut.

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