20 September 2009

It's A Rocker!

Northern Rock Opera


ib said...

Nice graphic, this.

I am feeling rather subhuman myself this weather. Back to the end of the dole queue.

Jon said...

Beer, you still with us?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

There was a motherfucker from Scotland, a curler, with us on the lake. He thought Canada was a splendid place. The Scottish think every fucking place they go to looks like the Bahamas compared the tartan poverty of home.

I like the poster too. Subtle as a flying mallet.


Lucky for me Jon, I get to leave our Orwellian world just like Winston every now and then. I am a lucky, free man.

ib said...

Yes. That's us Scots for you. Picts and Celts run blue with rain.

I will hazard that our Japanese prisoners of war took some solace in the sunsets.

I went curling once when I was about ten years old. Couldn't get the stone to turn without spiraling out across the ice. Never went back.

I had better luck with sharpshooting.