6 August 2009

Good Citizens of British Columbia

On my latest camping trip into the wildfire wilderness I took along only my Steve Earle cds for music. He is quite the fellow, old Earle is. I have all his music. Canadian mother that I am it is "Justice in Ontario" that is still ringing in my ears. Not many musicians can make my spine tingle the way Earle does.

Back in my punk rock days I would never have guessed I would one day be entertained around the campfire for a whole weekend by some backwoods cunt like Earle. That's right: I had a campfire. Soon as the motherfucking government said I could not, I could not wait to light one. We had to camp way out in the woods to get away with it - the good citizens of British Columbia will kick your motherfucking ass if they see you drop a cigarette butt into a toilet at the moment.

It was not a big fire but it was an Anarchist fire. I lit it just to get to say, "Fuck the government!" one more time in the Summer of My Life.


Gazetteer said...

More Mr. Earle, waxing rhapsodic about somebody he considers to be a way better autodidactic songwriter than himself can be found here.

ib said...

Have they banned smoking inside in public areas in Canada, too ?

It is bad enough to be fined for dropping a butt on the street. I have scarcely set foot in a bar since they outlawed cigarettes.

As for resisting the urge not to smoke in front of children, there is little opportunity for nipping outdoors for a sly puff when one lives twenty-two floors up, the bastards.

Anonymous said...

Will we see you at Minoru tomorrow?


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

You cannot even choke your children to death with cigarette smoke in your own car any more around here.

Jon said...

Don't they have some kind of Nazi law that you have to see a doctor if you are sick? Isn't there also a communist inspired part where you have to wait forever to see the doctor, just like in the land of the free, but then you don't have to pay anything to the doctor? In the You Ess Aye we are free to set fire to any God damn thing we please, plus when we get burned we are free to die of infections because we can't afford to see the doctor, or because our insurance won't pay for forest fire burns. Freedom is a beautiful thing.