12 May 2009

Someone To Vote For

Looks like I am going to
Cut across my Anarchist grain and
Vote in tomorrow's provincial election.

There is a convicted dope dealer
Running in my riding.

I finally have someone
To vote for.


Stephanie (paper bag) said...


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

pumpkin eater

Gazetteer said...

I think this calls for a more fulsome description...

We'll be live blogging...full on snark and all over at my place.

Reformed anarchists who vote for anti-prohibitionists are most definitely welcome.


Under no circumstances will the the discussion be allowed to devolve to talk of roller derby.

Unless, of course, you manage to work Jim Croce and/or Francine Cochoo into the conversation.

Action starts around 7:30pm....

Here's the link.