13 May 2009

Campfire Roller Girl

Turns out I have sat around a campfire and drank beer with one of the Dope City Roller Girls when she was a younger lass than she is now. And she is on Andi's team! I was not drinking beer with her mind you, I was leering at her through the smoke as I drank beer and bullshitted with her dad. I cannot wait to tell him how great his daughter looked in a derby uniform and a pair of skates.

We were talking about safety in the workplace as we enjoyed the fire and our beer that night. "For the first ten years I worked there the fuckers taught us how to put out fires," A friend of Andi's teammate's dad told me about a company he worked for. Swapping work safety stories around a campfire takes the place of the ghost stories of old. "The foreman would light a 100 foot high blaze and we would have to run into the fire with our fire extinguishers, empty the fuckers into the base of the fire and run out so the next guy could do the same thing and so on until the fire was out. That was in the days when Hindoos were new in our line of work and the foremen did not like the black bastards, as they were known, so the Hindoos always got sent into the fire first. I think the foremen were kind of disappointed the Hindoos were not more flammable. A lot of guys got burnt during this exercize over the years before some big-wig figured out they were losing more man hours training people to fight fires than they were losing fighting real fires."

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