2 April 2009


It comes and goes
There were two things different
About this winter
Than any other I have experienced
My balls got cold
Never had cold balls before
Not cold month after month any how
They did not even warm up
After Ruby and Andi wrote
My sperm count must be
Through the fucking roof


mollymew said...

You know Beer it sorta reminds me of the night I froze my pecker. Almost ended up in the vatican choir over that one.
We were visiting my sister down Weyburn Saskatchewan way. I was a pretend-tough teenager who thought it was "sucky" to wear long johns. So here it was one night I struggled back to base face into a wind at a wind chill well below minus 40. The shorts were loose.
On arriving at base I went to the can to check out the damage. The usual chillblains started. No big deal, but then I realized I was getting defrost pains in a section of the body that was virgin territory to this ort of thing.
Big panic. I looked around the bathroom, and my eyes lit of a bottle of Heat Linament. Heat !!!! Yeah !!!! It seemed to be the best idea at the time. On it went. I had just enough time to grab a towel and shove it in my mouth before I hit the floor. The towel was so that nobody banging on the door to the shitter and wondering what was taking me so long could hear me scream.
To me this was the classic "it seemed like a good idea at the time". May your balls defrost and not grace next year's Christmas Tree.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Not wearing long johns in mid-winter Saskatchewan is not pretend-tough. That is Gordie Howe tough.

mollymew said...

Yup, there's nothing like doing the dick dip in concentrated essense of hot peppers to bring a smile to your face (and to your asshole).
Question...was Gordie as stupid as I was ?