3 April 2009


Looks like Dope City is getting geared up to get its shitface on again. The Canucks' chances of making the play-offs look good. I would think the odds of them winning the Stanley Cup would be 7-1 once the season is over. I like to bet teams with sustained recent momentum but I think the odds of a Stanley Cup Parade are a little higher than the odds of another Stanley Cup Riot. That is all it would take to add another zero onto the 2010 Olympic security budget - another sports riot. Remember everybody: we have to get falling down drunk for the Olympics. We have a reputation to maintain. A bad reputation.

The odds of the Canucks winning the Stanley Cup are really much higher than 7-1. The motherfuckers cannot beat the good teams. I would not take them at 10-1. Save your money to bet on The Derby.


Gazetteer said...


The resemblance, not in actual appearance, but rather in intensity, to Neely is eerie....


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Lukic reminds me of a young Joe Shithead in appearance, intensity and eerieness. Would not bother me one bit if this spring Boston wins a hockey championship to go along with all the other ones they have piled up.

Gazetteer said...



Shithead for sure.