20 March 2009

Sawmill Shitter Disaster

The message was loud as a head rig and the message was clear as the greed of those motherfuckers at AIG. The message was from my ass. It was time to visit the sawmill shitter. It was going to be a good one.

I swung open the shitter door and headed to the stall. As I entered the stall I noticed water on the floor. Not a good sign. The crapper was full of crap. My ass seized up like I had just been thrown in a cold, dark church basement.

Luckily I do not work in a one shitter sawmill. I hurried to the next closest one and got her done. It was big but it did not hurt too much.

On my way back to the job I accused Pupinder of plugging up the can. "You're always plugging the shitter up with that vegetarian diet of yours Poops. Could you at least unplug the motherfucker once in a while?"

Poops looked offended. "Fuck you Beer you cocksucker. It was not me. Fuck. You always blame the Hindoos. Hindoos this and Hindoos that. You think our shit is bigger than a white man's?"

Now I was looking offended. "It was you Poops. Your shit is bigger than God's, motherfucker."

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