21 March 2009


If the Obamas
Are going to grow a garden
I am going to grow a garden too
Except you are
Going to be able
To smoke my garden
It will be
The Garden of Obama
Monkey see
Monkey do


Jon said...

Careful with the monkey talk white boy.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I tried. The monkey is me.

Jon said...

I know that. There's been lots of references to monkeys and Obama lately. A lot of white people I know think I'm crazy, but when Black people say they're afraid of a conspiracy, conscious or not, I tend to believe them. They've been lied to, lied about and talked down to so much that they have good cause to be touchy.

No need to get defensive by the way. I wasn't calling you a racist. I was teasing you a bit.

WV is toadshab. Cool sounding made up word.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

...and I suggest you scoot over to to the Vintagent to check out some great stuff about old time black bikers in California.

Jon said...

Vintagent? What? Where? I just read 'Soul on Bikes'. Really good book about Black outlaw bikers in Oakland.


Link is to a long excerpt from the book. It's the history of The East Bay Dragons by their founding president. Includes a real buddy buddy introduction by Sonny Barger.