14 October 2008

We Don't Care What You Say

a cold wind
a breath in time
an emptiness in the grand design
somewhere along the path we lost our way

more money spent than we've ever dreamed
more people lost in a silent scream
throwing back their pain, the world's insane
inside a room
a money machine makes cheques
and numbers printed on a screen
each life a code, an endless file
a list of lives that don't fit in
looking for a reason, there's no plan
the doors are locked and there ain't no key

like forgotten lyrics to a nameless song
it's time we realized, we are not to blame
upon this world, all the people are the same
so don't just disappear
to shrivel up and die
even a giant can be stricken by a fly
yeah they're gone
exiled to the phantom zone
- Brian Goble

The neighbourhood looked a little more like an ant farm than usual tonight. The good weather was all the encouragement most people needed to walk to the poll instead of driving their car. Too bad most of my neighbours are Animal Sacrifice Christians who would vote for Hitler if their preacher was supporting him.

Lily from up the road aways had already voted and was playing with her very small dog in the park. The small dog likes being gobbed on by my dog. She asked me, "Did you vote?" I told her, "Fuck no." She looked at me sadly and asked, "Why not?"

People who vote think people who do not vote are more subhuman than themselves. I told her, "No one is running on behalf of my party."

"What party is that?" She was probably worried I might be a Commie. "The Rhinos," I told her.

"You should run for them if no one else wants to."

"I'd rather sit home and drink beer."

Then Lily pulled out a joint, lit it up in the cold sun and passed it to me. When I did not smoke her sweet smelling joint Lily said, "You must be the only Rhino supporter in Canada who doesn't smoke dope."

We watched our dogs run around the park. Then I went home and drank beer and listened to the bad news election results on the radio. After the eighth beer things started to look up for the Rhinos.


ib said...

i'll say this. Not only do you have my solidarity in refusing to vote. You have my admiration, too, for declining that smoke.

Gazetteer said...


You need the Salmi.

He'd run for you.

Heckfire, he'd probably even let you run his campaign.

Especially if you brought in the Derby Girls to paper the town Rhino.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Salmi entertained the citizens of Steepleton by running in an election a few years back. He's another one of those wonderful people I must have pogo'd with back when beer was two bucks in the clubs.

Gazetteer said...

Didn't Godzilla have a strange affinity for hockey and all of it's more bizarre hazing rituals as well?