16 October 2008

Forty One Per Cent

41% of Canadian citizens did what I did yesterday. They voted with their iron asses. We are the motherfucking majority. The Conservatives can crow all they want about their imaginary reinvigorated mandate - only about 20% of Canadians cast a ballot for them.

On the way into the mill this morning Poops came up to me and started jabbering. "We have nine!" he jabbered. "Nine what?" I asked. "Nine Members of Parliament from my community. One more than last time. Three turban, six no turban."

"You motherfuckers keep that up, in about 500 years you will have finally taken over this country and given the USA a damn good reason to bomb the fuck out of us when you get started on killing one another in a civil war. By then you fuckers may have even produced a half decent hockey player."


Jon said...

Now, if the conservative liberal party had run a Muslim terrorist Black nationalist you would have had someone to vote for. I'm happy to vote with my union on this one. I noticed that the Bloc Quebecois got more votes, nationally, than the Greens. I wish we had some interesting parties down here in the land of strong meth and weak beer. One of my friends told me that he was going to vote for "one of the socialist parties" as a protest. I had to explain to him that weren't any socialist parties on the ballot. We've got the wannabe Republicans of the Libertarian party and the entirely forgettable Green party. OK here in California we've got Allen Keyes, but he has got to be the creepiest person to ever run for elected office anywhere on Earth. I think I'm voting for Obama specifically because he know Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers. Call it innocence by association. I'll probably live to regret this.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The Bloc are the successful wing of the Parti Rhinoceros. If it wasn't for their success the motherfuckin' Albertan we have for a Prime Minister would have total control over my beaver pelt producing land.
The last interesting political act I caught wind of in your country was the Zappa/Biafra ticket that died with the first half of the pairing.

Jon said...

I dunno, I thought Sarah Pailin added a comedic note to the elections. Finally got around to looking up the Rhino Party. Yep, vote Rhino.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

My grandma, who taught me most of what I know about politics, was a loyal Rhino supporter. I can still see her sitting in her favourite chair with a Rhino button proudly pinned where a brooch would usually be at election time.

I do not fill this site with linked shit. It's nice other people do but I don't have the time for it. If could type as fast as some people, the million words that are shaky ground upon which the Dope City Free Press is built, would be ten million. Sonja laughs every time she she sees me pecking away like the drunk monkey I am. I'm aware there are phrases, such as Parti Rhinoceros, that most people who write crap for the internet would automatically provide an instant link to. It would take me too much time. Once in a while a add a link to the day's story's headline - that's about it.

I like to hear you gave into your curiousity and initiated a little research instead of just clicking your screen. That, my American friend, is fucking old school.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...
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Jon said...

Beer, I like Canada. I've got some kind of relatives there. I go there when they let me. That's why I try to be at least vaguely aware of Canadian politics. I'm not kidding though, the American press never mentions Canada. The day of your elections, I checked the local daily and there was not a word on the fuckin subject. We're no better on Mexico, and we used to be part of Mexico and half of California was born in Mexico. If half of California was born in Canada maybe there'd be a little more press coverage.

When I was working in the tour business, a group of French tourists asked my tour guide, "What do the Americans think of the French?"

To which he replied, "They don't."

Lately France, along with Canada is being demonized as the land of evil where everyone suffers horribly because they have free guaranteed access to crummy medical care.

Down here, we pay a lot of money for crummy medical care and there's no guarantee we'll get it. I would love to hear some health care reform ideas from The Parti Rhinoceros.

Keep the pelts and maple syrup coming.