17 October 2008

What Have We Got?

One of the young ladies from up the street was doing some writing on a bench as her dog chased after imaginary demons and then my dog when she joined the demon chase. Since I do a little writing too I knew just what the young lady wanted: to be interrupted. I asked her, "What you writing about?"

"It's just my journal. I came down here to get some quiet."

Writers sometimes like a little quiet. Not me. Cannot write shit when it is quiet. I like to turn up Metal Machine Music real loud when I am having trouble writing.

I told her she should keep on writing her whole life and, "Write every fucking day."

I do not get too caught up in my neighbours' affairs so I was surprised when she told me, "I was going to Bible College but God told me to get out so I got out just like He said. Then I got to working until everything happened in America and now I don't got no job. I'm beginning to wonder if God phoned the wrong number when He told me to quit Bible College."

I told her, "I've been working my whole life on and off. I guess if working was the wrong thing for me to be doing God may have told me to go to Bible College or something except I have not kept up the payments on my God phone. Sometimes I feel like I don't got nothing too. But that ain't true. I always have beer."

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