14 October 2008

Who To Vote For

My union wants me vote NDP in the upcoming Canadian election. My sawmill's business agent was by to remind me and the brothers of that last week. He said, "It's the fucking Conservatives and the fucking Liberals who agreed to the Softwood Deal that has put thousands and thousands of us out of work all over this country. And there's going to be thousands more of us thrown out of work if we let those motherfuckers keep running the store."

I do what my union wants if it does not conflict with my own cranky Anarchist view of our mad, mad, mad world. A woman named Bonnie is the NDP candidate here in Steepleton. Even if I voted, I would never vote for a candidate named Bonnie. I would vote for a Bunny but never a Bonnie. Bonnies are always bad news when they reach public office. If I voted (and maybe I will if I run out of beer and mistake the local school for a liquor store on voting day), I would vote for Marijuana Party candidate Tim Felger. Tim has been flying the Groucho-Marxist flag for a long time. Awful nice of him to provide us a chance to vote, "Fuck ya'll," all these years.

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