13 August 2008

Drinking and Smoking

My dog introduced herself to the two young ladies first. "Sorry about my dog. Hope she did not spill your drinks." The two young ladies were enjoying overproof vodka and orange in the park. They ought to have been at the beach but the beach pigs and their anti-drinking in public mission have scared away people who cannot afford to have their alcohol swiped.

"Your dog sure is well trained," smiled the blonde one.

"Why do you say that?" I asked.

The red answered for her friend. "Because she didn't spill a drop."

The blonde reached into her bag and pulled out one of those monstrous joints everybody is smoking. "You want to help us smoke this?"

"I would but if I did I wouldn't be able to drink the case of beer waiting for me at home in the fridge."

"Suit yourself." The blonde lit up the joint and our corner of the park looked like the dry ice effects bands like Rush and Public Image used to be so fond of.

I went home to my case of beer. When Sonja walked through the door a few minutes later I asked her if tonight was a good night to eat some Viagra.

She asked back, "Did you and the Hammer run into the blonde and the redhead in the park or something?"

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