13 August 2008

Roller Derby Ass

In my Fatherland of Newfoundland someone recently discovered the first entire gold coin ever found on the island. Minted in Scotland in 1601, the coin proclaims in Latin, "The safety of the people is the supreme law." Yeah, right. Think I will stick with the scotch.

Listened to Neil Young's "Chrome Dreams" for the second time on the weekend. It sounded a lot better second time around. Could be I was just more loaded. I love Neil. If he had tits I would like him more than Anne Murray.

After I listened to Neil's record I put the Velvet Underground's 1969 Live on the turntable. Listening to that record is like inviting a bunch of talented addicts into your house.

I was looking at the cover of the Velvet's record tonight when it dawned on me that the ass on the cover was a roller derby ass. Sweet Jane.


ib said...

Well, Beer, for some strange - and wholly unaccountable given your location, among other things - reason I never had you figured for a Neil Young fan. Neil is the man. Or the dude. Or whatever odd figure of parlance is hip this week.

Gifted and honourable, at least, and possessing of an admirable creative "work" ethic.

Which "Chrome Dreams" are you referring to here ? The bootleg to the original unreleased LP - the one with "Stringman" and "Like a Hurricane" - or "Chrome Dreams II" ?

Both are fine albums, either way.

"The Velvet Underground 1969 Live" is one of THE best double LP's ever released. The great unanswerable question. Which do you prefer: the version of "Sweet Jane" off of "Loaded" or the majestic slow pace of the live one as ripped off by Cowboy Junkies ?


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Beer, sir

Yes, I am slightly surprised, too, but then you are an Anne Murray fan as well, which seems like an odd combination with the Sex Pistols...

But then, I get a kick out of William Shatner singing, so nothing is too strange.