6 June 2008

Start to Finish

From jam start
to jam finish
my eyes
are on the action

Riot Girls
Bad Reputations
Faster Pussycats
rock 'n' roll on the floor

Roller derby
my favourite tv sport
when I listened to Mott the Hoople
and smoked dope by my open bedroom window

"Are you smoking dope down there again Beer?"
"I'm watching roller derby on the black 'n' white ma.
It's just one of the tubes overheating, that's all."
"Smells like dope to me."

My mom could smell dope a mile away.


Jon said...

I notice that Derby City will be skating against Bloomington Indiana's own skating liberals, Bleeding Heartland. Derby city will probably win, but the Bleeding Heartland girls will probably be really really nice about the whole thing. Bloomington's like that.

My mom went to her grave saying, "Oh, you were never that bad honey". Moms want to believe the best of us.

ib said...

Chinaski would be proud, Beer. Proud and a little in awe of a typewriter that runs quietly enough not to wake the neighbours.