8 June 2008


Missed the first three races
Seven more to go
Plus the Belmont Stakes
On the big screen

The horses I bet
In the fourth and the fifth
Sonja laughed


I left her smoking by the rail
Went inside to watch
Denis of Cork win
The Belmont Stakes
He didn't

In the sixth
My luck changed
As Triola, 14-1,
Stalked the pace
Then prevailed

That's when I bought
Bukowski a beer
And drank it and
A few more
For him

Because he has been dead a long time

1 comment:

ib said...

Nice, Beer. If you'll permit, i may raise a glass to Buck and Dope City Free Press in honour of your poem.

The Sunday before he died i got all set to mail him a package, courtesy of City Lights or Black Sparrow Press or something like that. I thought maybe he'd appreciate the irony of having a postal worker bringing him fan mail.

I was just finishing sticking down the seal on a large manilla envelope when I heard he died.

And that's the truth of it. Ha, indeed.

Sorry to hear about your loss out at the track.