5 June 2008

Bad Luck

Stopped into one of Steepleton's many run down strip malls after work. This strip mall is a little scummier than most of the malls due to its location on Crack Dealer Avenue. Steepleton's Crack Dealer Avenue is just like every town's street of fucked up forgotten dreams. People run on to the street unexpectedly, the parks look like co-ed prison yards, the dogs only have three legs and the police are just about always looking the other way.

When I pulled into the mall's oversized parking lot two cruisers and an undercover 4x4 were busy busting someone. The prisoner was sitting on the hood of his car, handcuffed and bored. The police were proud as the guards at Belsen with their performance. My streets were once again safe to walk my dog on.

I picked up a lottery ticket on my way out of the store I spent my hard earned money in. "Don't usually buy these," I told the cashier, "but my luck today can't be any worse than the motherfucker headed to the hoosegow out there in the parking lot."

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Anonymous said...

I like this piece. Has a Tom Waits ring to 'er.