26 June 2008

Robbed On the Street

My friend Stan's daughter and a few of her teenage buddies got robbed on the street the other day. They all lost their portable phones and a few other posessions. No one got hurt.

Stan's daughter decribed her robbers as, "A crackhead bitch and her crackhead boyfriend."

I am not in favour of the legalization of all street drugs on some motherfucking whim. Prohibition creates crime, it does not prevent it. Prohibition is anti-social and so are the people who support the the Most Hopeless Cause of All. Fuck 'em.


Your driver said...

I was telling an old friend, who is also an old junkie, that heroin in California is now so cheap that it really doesn't contribute to crime. Back when she was a dope fiend it took at least a hundred dollars a day to maintain a real habit. That was back when seventy five dollars a day was a real good wage.

A friend in Indiana tells me that gas huffers are switching to heroin because it is a cheaper high.

Thank the CIA for globalising the Afghan opium trade, not to mention the invention of crack cocaine, a marketing scheme first cooked up CIA employed Nicaraguans in Daly City, California.

Considering the role of the United States intelligence agencies in creating and protecting the international drug trade, it seems just a teensie bit hypocritical to throw the poor bastards who are the end users in prison.

Then there's the whole question of prison. Living here in California, The Police State, it is easy to see that prison is an industry that makes billions of dollars by demonizing, enslaving and breaking the spirits of poor people, immigrants, Black folks the mentally ill and the addicted.

Dammit, now you've got me all pissed off.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Pissed off for good reason, my friend. You have to laugh though: from the corner cop to the President they are assclowns. Assclowns witha lot of turf to protect.

ib said...

The couple who robbed your friend's daughter and her pals are simply vicious little fuckers. End of. While I don't doubt for one second that the phones were quickly fenced and the returns used to purchase rocks, the primary motivation is probably more down to the effect of a crack high on an already fucked-up personality. If they got their gear for free they'd still be waving a blade in somebody's face.

I was jumped some years back by a group of six youths hurling bricks and setting about me with cast off bits of 2x4 and bottles. I was stabbed in the back but stayed steady on my feet, which is probably why I'm still around to rant about it.

If guns were legal and commonplace I'd no doubt be still serving a ten year sentence.

Robbery wasn't even on the agenda.

Wrong place, wrong time and woefully under armed.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Before Crack hit the streets of Dope City, about 1985 (later than it hit most other north American cities), my city was a much safer place to walk around in. Crack is a city killer.