24 June 2008


the influence of comedians
on my life

lenny bruce
george carlin
and chong

my kind of motherfuckers


jesse said...

Dear fellow puck farmer,

ok, i lied to get your attention. i'm not a puck farmer, but i'm interested in your blog. I'm leaving this post because i think your blog would be good for an upcoming mp3 player program my employers are conducting.

You basically get to keep and review the device for the low price of a phone call from us.

click here to get more info, www.matchstick.ca/mp3




Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Jesse - I have heard of people offering goodies if the person getting the goodies reviews this, that and the other thing. Not for me mate. I can only be bribed with roller derby girls and dead cert longshots at the racetrack.

Andraste said...

Biggest comedic influence in my life:

Billy Fucking Connolly

Hands down the funniest fucker ever to walk planet earth. I lo'heeem.