27 June 2008


There were several children in the park when I took the Hammer for her walk today. School's out. My dog ran and greeted each of them with her infectious tongue. "Hammer!" they shrieked before wiping my dog's gob from their face.

One of the kids told me, "I'll go get Snook! She loves to play with the Hammer!" In a few minutes Snook and the Hammer were gobbing all over each, full tilt boogie. The children rolled in the grass, happy.

It was a peaceful time for all of us. Here comes the summer.


ib said...

Seems curious somehow that the schools in Scotland, like Canada, kicked off for summer at the same time ; given that those same schools in England don't begin their summer holidays for another three weeks.

I'm wondering if this is a throwback to the days of wayfaring celts leaving this blighted isle for a new life in Newfoundland ?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The English and their overly long school year are wicked.