28 June 2008

Chantal Pilz

A boy ran across the road in front of my car
with his fishing pole
vanishing down the bank to the roadside lake
in the raspberry sunshine
like Osama bin Laden

Steve Earle sang I Remember You and
when Emmylou Harris joined in
I felt sad and happy but mostly sad
it is great to be alive
like Osama bin Laden

In Princeton I bought the Race Day programme
opened it up at a
window table in the Lucky Dragon
ordered the #6 and drank beer
like a roller derby girl

Old couple sat down at a nearby table
the woman could sure talk
the man sat there listening like he had been
listening the last 50 years
that's love, motherfuckers

Two jockeys were hurt, in the gate in the 2nd,
and on the far turn in the 4th
the latter, Chantal Pilz, broke her leg badly
giving the crowd time to drink a few more beer
we were all bombed before the 5th

As the ambulance took the badly injured jockey
away the crowd cheered her
then we returned to our gambling
and our beer

Good luck with your recovery Chantal
I Remember You

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