11 June 2008

A Man has Options

I am a man so I have a lot of options. Sometimes I walk around the house naked, what my mom calls balls to the breeze; other times I like to walk around in my boxers, that is usually when I am cooking; when there is a chill in the air I wear the bathrobe Sonja bought me on our last sexy weekend at the Sunset Lake Resort; more rarely I wear my pyjamas bottoms, no top, do not ask me why.

Mostly I like to walk around the house naked. Sonja says nice things to me like, "Put some fucking clothes on!" or, "Everybody on the fucking street can see you!" when I am walking around like a naked king of his castle. The only danger of walking around my house naked is my dog sneaking up on me and jamming her cold nose up my ass.


Jon said...

Because I have gone bald, I like to walk around in my boxers and a hat.

ib said...

Hey, Beer. Naked is as naked does.

No subterfuge, concious or otherwise.

BOMBOVA said...

Whats with the moma birthed you syndrome.

Nicole said...

besides getting a goose up the arse, you best also hope the Ham don't eye up your sac like fuzzy mishapen tennis balls... ;-)

had a blast at Mosiac...I had to sell imports...Becks, Warsteiner and a special one just for Mosiac, Konig Ludwig...and I sold a record number of jag shots!


They want me back for next year!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Selling drinks is on my to do list. Right after I figure out the mother birthed you syndrome. oi! oi! oi!