12 June 2008

Trevor Linden

Hockey players are such shits: that is the only thing that explains the lengthy love-in the people of Dope City have had with Trevor Linden.


Gazetteer said...

What you talkin' about Will......errrrr Beer?

Are you saying the guy in the picture is, and that Mr. Linden isn't?

And what about this guy?


Anonymous said...

you can see just a bit of balls...AWESOME - DH

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Gazz - I am real fond of the Coleman/Messier photo because the Greatest Canuck Ever has got a post game stubby in his hand. Wayne probably had someone to hold his stubby for him.

DH - Hopefully the glimpse of the Moose's balls will inspire you to a great performance against the big bad girls in blue come month end.