29 March 2008

We're Going To Montana's!

We are four weeks away from the beginning of the local thoroughbred meeting at Dope City Downs. Betting on televised races is ok in the winter but such fare is a poor substitute to being able to take your chances on horses that are, for the most part, brought into the world on B.C. farms. Horses you can get close to.

I have already been watching the times clocked by the horses as they prepare for the season. Some of the best betting opportunities arise early in the season in races involving horses racing with opponents fours years old and greater for the first time. Backing a horse that underperformed as a three year old in its first race at four, if it is razor sharp, can mean the difference between eating soup or going out to Montana's.

My favourite horse that races locally, The Visualiser, is working well. The smallish son of Giant's Causeway did not get going last year but I figure him to be a smasher handicap horse this year. I hope he is still an intact male and is one day given every opportunity to pass on his genes to local mares.

Get yourself out to the track this spring. It is not like you are going to be sitting in the bar, telling Andre Boudrias stories and watching the Canucks blaze their way to the Stanley Cup.

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