18 January 2008

A Good Cleansing

Same as when I began writing in this space, when 2 + 2 was initially linked to by all sorts of drunken hockey loving retards, the motherfuckers at Google figure people who read the Dope City Free Press are simply dying to buy crap beer mugs; watch pitiful hockey soap operas on their giant tvs; quit drinking beer; drink more beer; smoke less dope; grow better dope.

That is the trouble with computers doing your thinking for you: computers can read words but they still have one fuck of a time with context. The human brain can understand that beer and hockey is the background, the sub-text, the hum of traffic on the street in my country. The real action lies elsewhere.

I gather the adverts Google puts on your screen depends on where you live. My mom lives in a town heavy with old farts. She has been seeing a lot of adverts encouraging she get her colon cleansed. I have yet to see that one which is too bad because my colon could use a good cleansing.


Jon said...

All I got was "find more distributors in our business to business directory." Apparently neither "beer" nor "hockey" turned up anything in Northern California. Kinda sad if you think about it. Maybe you could change the name of the blog to "Green consumer buying guide." That would get millions of ads around here. People will buy any fuckin' thing so long as it makes them a green consumer. I'm really surprised I didn't get an offer for a colon cleansing. They're big on that sort of thing here too. My colon is a meat tube full of shit. That's fine with me.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I was put off colon cleansing when I read Michael Jackson had his suds'd out once a week. The day my colon gets cleansed is the day it gets ripped from my cold dead hand.

Nothing gives a capitalist wood faster than green consumerism. Like the admen have been telling us for decades - it is new and improved consumerism.