30 October 2007

Finish Them Off

There they are, moving around down on the street
- Chris Walter

"You put away your clothes!" said Sonja incredulously as she peeked into our bedroom.

"I didn't want the dog's shit covered fur on them if they tipped onto the carpet."

"I hope you didn't just put them away because I was bitching at you."

Women never want you to do anything just because they have bitched you into a corner. But they bitch you into a corner anyway and convince you you did whatever they wanted you to do because you love them, not because they bitched at you like a hungover Mike Keenan after a string of embarrassing losses.

"I remember, when you used to love me more than you do now, you used to fold all my shit and put it away for me. You even used to darn my wool work socks. What ever happened to those days?"

"Love makes you do all kinds of stupid shit."

"You want to do it in the hall like the old days?"

"Maybe after you make me dinner and do the vacuuming."

"Get me a fucking beer."

"You want one of those disgusting Tuborg Pilseners you came home with the other night?"

"I might as well finish them off."

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