27 September 2007

Bad Dog!

Sonja caught the Hammer with her two front paws up on the kitchen counter inspecting a pile of shredded soy cheese with her anteater tongue. The fake cheese was ready to be put on our spaghetti supper. The Hammer likes her soy cheese. So do we.

Sonja yelled, "No!" at the Hammer as I watched the sports report on tv. Looks like the Canucks are going to suck like a steaming pile of shit again this winter. Then Sonja grabbed hold of the Hammer's collar and put her outside with all the other dogs who put their paws up on the counter.

Sonja let her back inside before we were finished dinner though. We love her too much to lock her out of her den for long. She was especially well behaved when we let her back in.


Nicole said...

Poor Hammer!!! although...I am imagining what escaped from the Hammer after digestion....peeeeyewww!!! lol

So...you really like soy cheese?
Nothing beats real Canadian chedder.
Although, I do have to say, I really love some real good feta...especially between 2 greek spice rubbed chicken breasts...

jeez Beer...next time offer some wine and crackers too!!! :)

So...have Itold you lately how much I LOVE to HATE number 56....the biggest goon of the CFL!!! lol

Back in July when Wally BooHoo called Fred Perry a dirty player...the league reviewed and decided it was a legal hit...and wally wasn't fined for trash talking. But Big Red got fined a thousand bucks...even though the league handed out disipline...oh well...money well spent for justice I suppose. Maybe I'll start off a Sask fundraiser to pay the 1000$!!!

Do you think Anthony C is gonna start this Sat?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I'll begin at the bottom. Anthony Calvillo, never the most mobile motherfucker in the first place, has looked a day late and a dimebag short all year. He's had a great career but I think its time for him to open a winery and let his belt out a few notches.

If you could get a dollar from everyone living in your hard to pronounce province you would have close to $1000.

I like soy cheese with tomatoes and lots of hot mustard on a sandwich. And it really is good melted on top of pasta. But where soy cheese really shines is on pizza. I make my own from scratch, sauce and all. Matter of fact just about everything done in the Hockey house is scratch. Eating a couple huge slices of pizza topped with soy cheese does not give your stomach that someone shit down your throat feeling that a real cheese topped pizza does. I used to eat and love a lot of real cheese but I feel a lot better for having switched. I have Sonja to thank for that change.

I don't believe I have written about just how heave inducing the Hammer's unbelievably huge shits are. Better get to it.