26 September 2007

Stainless Steel

Hey, hey, hey
Hey now, there's a lovely girl
can't you feel it on your...
Hey now, there's a lovely girl
that's the kind of girl that turns me on
Hey now, there's a lonely boy
and he's good, good looking for love, ha
Hey now, there's a lovely girl
and she's looking for some stud.
She says, hey now, won't you give it to
won't you give it, give it, give it me, oh
Hey now, there's a lovely girl
give it, give it, give it to me, hey, hey, hey

Hey, Hey, Hey

Hey now, there's a naked your boys
want him around the world
Hey now, there's a jet set store
looking's good with some little pick up girl
Hey, now you should scratch her back
and you look good 'cause you're a boy
Hey, hey now when you rip off my shirt
you see that it ain't water on my chest
Hey, hey now, there's a dancing girl
Kiss you, kiss you, kiss you goodbye, ooh, baby, ooh

Hey now, there's a lovely child
Look, look, looking for love

Hey, hey, hey

Give it to us, baby, now, yeah
There goes my chest, groovy on my best, baby, hey, yeah

- Lou Reed

At the meet we are blindfolded in the back of a panel van. "It's not that I don't trust you Beer, everybody knows whose side you're on. But if the cops ever knock this motherfucking show down it is best for everybody to know as little about shit as possible."
I had not worked in a show for many years before the strike began. It was a lot more relaxed in the early days, before the fucking cops, the Viets and the Hindoos all wanted in on the action. The first several grow-ops I worked in were medium sized barn shows. Barn shows are a Steepleton specialty. Farmers out here in the valley do not drive new trucks off their roadside egg and daffodil sales. The money was good, everybody got fed and we were otherwise treated better than sawmill workers ever get treated between the whistles.

Yesterday's show must have been the huge grow-op I have heard rumours of. I have never seen 5% of the dope I saw in that place anywhere else at one time.

It was not as easy a day of picking as it should have been however. Across the table from me was a Steepleton beauty queen with an enormous stainless steel ball thingy pierced through her long, long tongue. Every time I looked up she would open up her big mouth and sparkle that steel at me.

I was telling Sonja about it when she asked me, "Why didn't you just let her give you some skull with that thing?"

It crossed my mind. Thing is: I do not have a lot of good qualities, but loyalty is one of them.

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