23 July 2007

Of the Aristocratical Character

Aristocracy, in its proper signification, is neither less nor more than a scheme for rendering more permanent and visible, by the interference of political institution, the inequality of mankind. Aristocracy, like monarchy, is founded on falsehood, the offspring of art foreign to the real nature of things, and must therefore, like monarchy, be supported by artifice and false pretences. Its empire however is founded in principles more gloomy and unsocial than those of monarchy. The monarch often thinks it advisable to employ blandishments and courtship with his barons and officers; but the lord deems it sufficient to rule with a rod of iron.

- William Godwin

Me and the boys are now on strike against the Aristocratic Lords of Logging and Lumber. They can go fuck themselves with their rods of iron until they bleed. It is going to be a long, hot summer. Luckily the brewery workers are not joining the rest us on picket lines this summer.

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