24 July 2007

I Love Mondays

In the park this morning the Hammer ran across the field to say hello to a kid she had never met before. The Hammer is big and she used to scare kids sometimes in her hurry to meet new friends. Now she has mastered the delicate art of body language. Kids do not have to yell across the park at me, "Is your dog ok?"

The Hammer let the kid pet her then licked the friendly hands in return. Then she did a little dance on her two back legs to show the kid how happy she was to have a new friend. When she came back to me I gave her a cookie and let her run around some more on the wet, fresh cut grass.

After that I drank beer and watched the rain out my window while my dog slept in the cool breeze below the open window. The sawmill still rings in my ears but the ringing will fade with each day of the strike. Tomorrow I pull my first picket duty. I am going to have to buy a lot more beer.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

may the spirit of Samuel Gompers shine down upon you....

I raise my longneck to ya brother