18 May 2007

A Dog's Perfect Day

This time of year around Dope City we often get Perfect Days. Today was one of them. When I got home from the mill, a little later than usual because of a traffic snarl, the Hammer and I had our usual smooch and quick after work chat about our day. I told her, "The sawmill can suck my motherfucking dick." She told me, "You should have seen the fucking crows! You should have seen the fucking squirrels! If I ever catch that red cat is it ever going to taste good. And I ate three rats! Big ones! Smell my breath! Smooch! Smooch! Smooch!"

Once that was done with we headed to the creek in the woods near our place. Dogs love a cool creek in the afternoon. You will never guess what the Hammer did after her splash around. She found a big pile of homeless person's shit and had a good roll in it. This particular shit was black and creamy as licorice ice cream. But it smelled like most homeless people's shit - just like mine!


jen said...

dude, i like it over here. glad you found me. now we need a 1 + 2 + 3. or not.

still. dude.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Yah hey!