19 May 2007

A Match!

The union has been around the mill a lot lately and having meetings at the hall about our ongoing contract negotiations with the sorry excuses for companies that remain of the west coast of Canada's logging and sawmilling industry. The business agent who usually handles grievances that cannot be settled by the plant committee (i.e. fucking near all of them) has been giving lots of speeches in the lunch room and in the parking lot for a couple of months now. Everybody likes the way he refers to the companies as "the dumb motherfuckers." We are riled up as East Hastings on Welfare Wednesday.

Us sawmill workers and loggers might have computers, watch documentaries on the tv once in a while when hockey or Paris Hilton are not on and have one fuck of a lot broader view of the world than the generations of industrial workers that preceded us in the making of millions for our bosses but we are as coarse as ever and prefer speeches about the dumb motherfucking boss whose kids are taking it up the ass in some high priced private school while he could care less about how many of us die on job, nevermind the price of gas that fills the tanks of our cars to get our hungover asses to work and take our kids to hockey and figure skating practice, to the overpaid candy ass shit talk that goes on in Parliament or the legislature in Victoria.

Our union rep says it is looking like a strike for sure in about a month's time. Big news that is. Any fucker working on the green chain who can barely speak a word of English could have told him we would be striking in 2007 after that government cocksucker Don Monroe jammed his sick idea of a contract up our asses five years ago. It was bad enough we had our contract eroded by government order/company wish list but it was the obvious lie about the dumb motherfucking companies reinvesting in coastal sawmills and logging equipment with the imposition of new work rules that really pisses us off in the woods and in the mills.

Just like we knew in our sore beer guts the companies have done nothing for their workers or the future of our industry since the contract went into force. Unless you call the future of Western Canada's forest industry shipping our best quality logs to Mexico, the States, China, Japan and who knows where the fuck else. It is a sad, sad situation that is begging for the sort of solution an old union official, I once had a great deal of respect for, called for when he once asked a meeting addressing a particularly dumb motherfucking firm's labour practices, "Don't any of you motherfuckers know how to use a match?"