1 June 2007

Church of Alcohol

I would like to tell you I am drinking a high price tag beer made in a country with an obscure royal family whose water supply will be radioactive for the next 20,000 years or so. But that would be bullshit.

I would not even mind telling you I am drinking a fancy labeled beer trashy motherfuckers jam a lime into on a hot day like this made in a country with so little water they have to import it to make beer. But that would be bullshit too. Beer does not jam green shit into a perfectly good bottle of suds.

I would also like to tell you that I am drinking a fine organic beer, the beer I proposed marriage to last summer, but my beer drinking brethren from the Church of Alcohol have drank it all and there is no more.

I am drinking welfare beer. The cheapest beer in the store. It is made from pure Canadian spring water in a corner of Canada that does not produce radioactivity. And it is a good thing it is cheap and good because when it gets hot I cannot get enough of it.


jen said...

the many roads to beer.

i lived with a beermaker once. he brewed the darkest wheatiest browns i've ever drunk.

sometimes only the deepest darkest brownish beer will do.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Not counting Beer Sr., who made better wine than beer, I have never lived with a beermaker, just beer drinkers and Hell raisers.

You cannot beat the terrific numbness that is a welcome side effect of a good strong porter.

jen said...

you can beat it, but then by god, you might be dead.

Anonymous said...

“This 'ere stoof is the best damned thing next ta whiskey!”
~ The Irish Nation on Beer ~

I love that ya have to enter your age on the PW web site to get in .... ????