30 May 2007

Junior Hockey

Aside from the fact I know the best day out you can have in Dope City is to take in a Day At the Races followed by a Giants' game I do not follow junior hockey. Just the same I am happy for the success of the Dope City major junior franchise at the Memorial Cup even if the Giants' majority owner is a something of a scab.

Lucic, the MVP of the Memorial Cup tounament, reminds me of none other than Joe Shithead. Too bad the motherfucker was drafted by Boston.

My favourite story I heard during the tournament was told by the old security guy from the last local team to win the Memorial Cup in the East End Hockey Palace. He was in charge of security at Queen's Park Arena, home of the New Westminster Bruins, maybe the roughest, toughest hockey arena in history.

The old guy was asked if they ever had any trouble keeping a lid on the crowd. He said, "You'd think so but we never did. We had a couple tow truck drivers and a bunch of bikers in charge of things. There was never any trouble those boys could not handle."

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