21 April 2007

Middle of April Massacres

I do not know what it is about the middle bit of April. What is it about this time of year that results in violent rampages? Waco, Columbine, Murrow, Virginia Tech and countless other such bloodbaths decorate April calendars with their gold stars of death.

Many governments, after decades of lobbying, finally agreed to allow schools a break earlier in spring to benefit their mental health. I suspect all a week off results in is extra time for crazy motherfuckers to get their weapons and plans in order. Like most government programmes, spring break is a matter of too little solution for too big a problem. Seems to me schools should only be open one semester per year, in the fall and shut down the rest of the year. Workplace's ought to lighten their employee's workload after Christmas as well. January through April would be a good place to shorten the work week by 20%.

Much has been made about Virginia Tech's authourity's unwillingness to let their students in on what was going on, and out of class, after the first two people were killed there this week. What you are not hearing is that school authourities regard their institutions as prisons and wardens do not free their prisoners. It is as simple as that. The same sort of response happened around here when a student allegedly threatened to go Virginian at his school. The prisoner/students were kept uninformed in their cells, chained to their desks.

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