22 April 2007

Canucks Eat Shit and Die

For the first time ever my Hockey House is now graced by surround sound. I guess once I plugged in the tv big as the shithouse my family used when Canada was young it was just a matter of time before the Big Sound arrived to go with the Big Picture. Sonja came home with the speakers and instructions on how to hook them up, "Just open a beer and do it."

After I hooked up the speakers I hooked up the old turntable Reggie gave me when Sonja, the Hammer and I visited my mom for dinner last night. (Strata rules forbid dogs on mom and Reggie's property. I just tell them I will pay the fine if anybody complains. The odd time somebody looks at me like they are going to say something about the Hammer but after I have looked at them with my Korean mass murderer look they get real quiet.) Reggie just picked up a new stereo built in a communist country in Europe. The stereo makers forgot to put a phonograph input on their machine.

I then had to choose the first record to get played through the fancy speakers and highly regarded turntable Reggie had only used to play curling fight songs on. I chose one of the first lps that began my collection, Hawkwind's "Hall of the Mountain Grill." As the space chords began bouncing around the house I was transported back to my teenage bedroom and its five speakers hooked up to my parent's old console stereo. I was stoned on thai sticks, staring at the ceiling and dreaming of Anne Murray again motherfuckers.
I need some new dreams. But until I get some the old dreams are still going strong.

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