8 April 2007

John Tenta

I guess the most famous fucker from my old neighbourhood was a wrestler. He was always a bigger than life motherfucker and eventually everybody in Canada who recognized other games than hockey as being a sport followed his career with interest. I am talking about John Tenta.

There were some big bad people around Sliverville but John was the biggest and the baddest of them all. Because everybody in the neighbourhood knew John was, besides being big and bad, one fuck of a nice guy, we all pulled for him as he tried his hand in the fat ass world of sumo and dumb ass world of North American professional wrestling.

I just heard today John died last year. I do not pay any attention to the news, unless it regards beer, hockey or horse racing, so I missed his death nearly one year ago. Big fucker died of bladder cancer.

Last time I saw John he was with his diminutive wife and their three kids outside the welfare mall I grew up near in Sliverville. When guys like John get out of a rusty old car you wonder how the fuck they ever fit in the car in the first place. He had just returned from Japan as I recall and was aimed towards the golden butthole of the WWF.

Sliverville has coughed up more than its share of people who went on to make a name for themselves - Stanley Cup winners, punk rockers and Hells Angels come to mind. John Tenta towered over all those motherfuckers. The man was a King amongst criminals.

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